Global Mission Interns

Global Mission Interns

The application due date is August 31, 2024. Apply today!

“Becoming a GMI was a life-changing experience. Along the way, my faith grew as I had to open myself up to discovering what parts of my faith were affected by my own culture, and how to open myself up to worship not only in other languages but with a spirit of unity when traditions were different than my own. I did not anticipate how so many young lives would affect my own. One of the greatest lessons I learned is missions is far more than serving.” – Carla, former GMI

The Global Mission Intern program invites you to challenge yourself in a one to three-year international mission service opportunity. As you offer yourself in service, you will also learn more about yourself, your relationship with God, and your place in God’s world. You will build relationships that will change the way you look at the world. You will be a part of a growing group of young adults who have been transformed by these experiences and will provide you with a new community in return. You will come back from your year in mission equipped to provide a global perspective on issues facing the church in our hurting world today.

As this is a program of Global Ministries, we ask that you have a relationship with the church with preference given to members of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), who have recently graduated or are about to graduate from college, willing to receive the gifts of our partners as well as to share your skills, in an intentional process of service, and live at a subsistence level to help meet needs worldwide. Through your experiences, you will witness your faith as you demonstrate your call to love, learning, and service.

If you are interested, please fill out the application and return it to the Mission Personnel Office by August 31, 2024. Once your application is received, our mission personnel committee will work with our area executives, church agencies, and ecumenical partners in ministry to evaluate your candidacy.  Placements vary from working with the poor to Christian action groups dealing with human rights, with youth in crisis, reconciliation, and on development projects. The Global Mission Intern program is funded by Week of Compassion.

There is a particular need for a Global Mission Intern to serve with the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) in Egypt. This intern will engage in :

Writing proposals and reports
Assisting the President’s office in writing articles and engaging in theological research
Surveying the internet for fund raising opportunities.
Supporting the media work in CEOSS and the publications and help finding creative ways to properly present and market the current development work

Process to be considered for Mission Co-worker Positions:

  1. Apply here.
  2. If your application is eligible for consideration, the International Recruitment and Training Coordinator will schedule an interview with the candidate to begin discernment if there is a match between the needs of international partners and the candidate’s gifts and skills.
  3. If approved by the International Recruitment and Training Coordinator, a follow up interview will be held with the candidate, International Recruitment and Training Coordinator, and Global Relations Minister(s) for the region(s) in which the candidate is considering service.
  4. If approved by the International Recruitment and Training Coordinator and Global Relations Minister, an interview will be held with the candidate, International Recruitment and Training Coordinator, and Global Relations Minister(s) for the region(s) in which the candidate is considering service, and representatives of the international partner organization.
  5. If the partner organization is ready to invite the candidate to serve, the Mission Personnel Committee of Global Ministries will invite the candidate for an in-person interview with staff. A psychological and medical evaluation by medical professionals will take place at this time as well.
  6. If the Mission Personnel Committee approves the candidate, their candidacy will be shared with the Disciples Overseas Ministries, United Church of Christ, and Common Global Ministries boards of directors.
  7. The candidate will be present at either the Fall or Spring meeting of the Common Global Ministries Board, which will vote on the candidate.
  8. If affirmed by the board, the candidate will be commissioned as a mission co-worker.
  9. The candidate will participate in the Mission Conference for mission co-workers.
  10. The mission co-worker will be sent out to their place of service and begin their ministry. Please note that this process can take 6 months to 1 year to complete, depending on availability of positions and partners’ readiness to receive mission co-workers.

Endowment to Support Young Adults in Mission

Questions or inquiries – please email

Margaret Emma Perry

Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH)