“Between Two Blue Lines”–New Issue of The Link

“Between Two Blue Lines”–New Issue of The Link

The Link, published on a bi-monthly basis, is Americans for Middle East Understanding’s primary education and information tool. More than 175 issues of The Link have followed since the first issue appeared in 1968.

For the first two decades of its existence, The Link was virtually the only national periodical published for a diverse audience by an American non-profit organization that persistently challenged the prevailing myths and stereotypes about Arabs, Muslims and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Current issue:

Tom Hayes is a documentary filmmaker at Ohio University.

His filmography includes:

  • Refugee Road, 1981, on Cambodian refugees.
  • Native Sons, 1985, on Palestinians in exile.
  • People and the Land, 1997 on Palestinians under occupation.
  • Two Blue Lines, 2015, a return to Palestine.

In 1997, Tom authored the Link article “People and The Land,” a behind-the-scenes look at his documentary by the same name.  In 2014, Tom and his film crew returned to Palestine. The documentary that survived his cutting room floor was not the one he expected. How his latest documentary, Two Blue Lines, came to be is the subject of this issue.

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