“Welcome to My Table” – A Ramadan resource from Shoulder to Shoulder

“Welcome to My Table” – A Ramadan resource from Shoulder to Shoulder

For the past several years, Shoulder to Shoulder has helped facilitate and uplift multi-faith connections during Ramadan through the United States of Love Over Hate campaign. Usually this has happened around real dinner tables sharing real food, face to face. For many of our Muslim neighbors, Ramadan is a time when they are often gathering, with their families, friends, and the wider community, to break the fast each evening and to connect with one another. 

This year looks quite different.

While concern for public health will prevent us from gathering in person this year, Shoulder to Shoulder is still here to help you find ways to connect meaningfully during this time. We strongly believe physical distancing should not mean social isolation or an end to interfaith engagement. However, it does take extra intention, effort, and creativity to connect with one another in these times, and connection remains vitally important for our own well being and the well being of our communities. We will get through these times together.

For Ramadan 2020, Shoulder to Shoulder is launching an initiative called, Welcome to My Table

This initiative connects households to households, one-on-one or in small groupings to virtually share an Iftar meal.

Shoulder to Shoulder has developed a system for pairing households to one another (click here to sign up!).  It has also created a downloadable 2020 Ramadan Guidebook to help you connect with new and old friends and with neighbors, and colleagues you already know or with whom you want to connect.  It includes tips for those looking to move their larger community Iftars into a virtual space.

And, if you haven’t already, check out & share the new Shoulder to Shoulder Ramadan Road Trip Video Series and Discussion Guides.  Four of the six videos have been launched thus far. Two more videos, discussion guides, and more Ramadan resources will be released in the coming weeks!