A Meeting between Christians and Muslims of Pinerolo, Italy for Silent Prayers

At a time when so many seek separation from others as a 'solution' to conflict, Christians and Muslims in the small city of Pinerolo, Italy, at the gateway to the Waldensian Valleys of Italy will meet for silent prayer, reaffirming our common humanity under a God who cares for all of us. Can we pause for a minute on Monday, November 23rd to join them in their prayer?


A meeting for silent prayer with the Muslim community of Pinerolo will take place at 9 pm Central European Time on Monday, November 23, in the Waldensian Church in Pinerolo. Silent prayers will be offered for the victims of the attacks in Paris as well as for inter-religious dialogue and peaceful co-existence among the different people of the world. The meeting will be open to all.

During the meeting there will be brief comments by various citizens of the valleys as well as by local political and religious leaders and lay members of the various religious communities. The idea of a gathering for silent prayer arose spontaneously at a town meeting on Wednesday night which was attended by Roman Catholic bishop Piergiorgio Debernardi, Pastor Gianni Genre, the local imam and others.

This meeting between Muslims and Christians in Pinerolo, Italy, will happen at exactly 3 pm Eastern US Time on Monday, November 23, 2015. Pictured, above, is the interior of the Waldensian Church in Pinerolo where people will gather for silent prayer on Monday and Gianni Genre, pastor of the Waldensian Church in Pinerolo and former Moderator of the Tavola Valdese is pictured at right. Readers are asked to please forward this story to anyone they
think might be interested in participating.


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