AACC Announces 2013 Assembly Theme

The Theme of the 10th General Assembly of the All Africa Conference of Churches in Kampala, Uganda in 2013:

The Executive Committee of the All Africa Conference of Churches gathered in Nairobi on 14-15 April 2011 at the headquarters of the AACC in Nairobi and made a decision on the theme for the 10th General Assembly after consultation with the Advisory Committee the Theological department of the AACC. The theme chosen is:

God of Life, lead Africa to Peace, Justice and Dignity

This theme is almost similar to the one chosen by the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches for its next assembly which will take place in October in the same year 2013.

The Executive Committee has also decided that the AACC General Assembly will take place in June 2013. The precise dates will be communicated after consultations with the hosting churches in Uganda.