AACC Solidarity Visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo

AACC Solidarity Visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo

The All Africa Council of Churches General Committee meeting held from 6th to 7th October 2016, discussed and considered the peace and security situation in Africa and specifically in the DRC. In response to the situation, the General Committee took a decision to send a delegation to visit the DRC. It is against this background that a delegation of five visited Kinshasa, DRC, from the 1st to 7th November 2016.

Purpose of the Mission

The overall purpose of the mission was to express solidarity, listen to the people on the current socio-political situation and also to pray for peace with churches and people in DR Congo.


The delegation appreciates the cooperation received from the churches during their stay in Kinshasa.
They further appreciate all stakeholders whom they met for their transparency, honesty and commitment that helped the delegation understand the complexity of the situation.
General observations

During the meetings/visits, the delegation made the following key observations:

  • All actors and stakeholders acknowledge that the DR Congo is going through serious social, economic and political challenges.
  • All stakeholders/actors expressed the desire to have peace and tranquillity in the DRC. However, they have diverse views of the approaches towards the desired peace.
  • In the same respect, all actors/stakeholders appreciated the role of AACC and expressed the desire for AACC to partner and accompany them in the search for sustainable peace in the DRC.


The delegation hereby makes the following recommendations:

  • All Congolese and stakeholders should respect the sanctity and dignity of Life as a gift from God.
  • We urge all neighbouring Countries and Multinational Companies to respect the sovereignty and integrity of the DRC territory.
  • All political Leaders are encouraged to promote peace, justice and mutual respect.
  • We call upon all Faith families and all Congolese to be united for sustainable peace and development of the DRC.
  • We call upon the Government and all political actors to demonstrate a responsible leadership that cares for the people.

In conclusion, the All Africa Conference of Churches is very grateful to all stakeholders and is committed to continue accompanying and praying for the people of the DRC for a sustainable peace and development.
Signed in Kinshasa on 7th November 2016


The AACC delegation held meetings with various stakeholders from the 1st to 7th November 2016 namely:
Eglise du Christ au Congo (ECC) Church Leaders
The Pope’s Nuncio
AACC Member Churches
Religious Leaders under the Interfaith platform
African Union Ambassador in DRC.
Muslim Leaders
US Ambassador in DRC
Prominent Protestant Leaders (MPs, Business community and Civil Servants)
Diplomatic Corps from some African Countries
European Union Ambassador in DRC
Leader of the Radical Opposition, His Excellency Tshisekedi wa Mulumba
Officials of the Human Rights National Commission
Deputy President and officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission
The Chief of Staff of the President’s office