ACT launches ACT Palestine Forum website

ACT launches ACT Palestine Forum website

Welcome to the ACT Palestine Forum (APF). Our objective is to increase the effectiveness and impact of the humanitarian assistance and development work being undertaken by members through improved coordination. One of the projects of the APF is to conduct joint advocacy on behalf of the members of the forum. Learn more about APF »

View our appeal projects

Our appeal projects focus on organizing much-needed relief and care for the Palestinian people affected by war.

Join a prayer vigil

Prayer vigils devoted to peace in the Middle East are held on the 24th of every month. Join an existing prayer vigil or sign up to start your own!

Get involved

Your help makes a difference. Join our efforts today by volunteering, making a contribution or becoming an advocate. See how you can help »

An overarching goal of the ACT Palestine Forum is to contribute to a global discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If you have questions about our organization or would like to receive updates on this issue, please contact us.

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