Advent Poem for Timor

Advent Poem for Timor

based on Isa. 2:1-5

In days to come,
     Children in Timor shall have enough to eat,
     Because no longer shall there be a “hungry season”
     Or fear of scarcity…

We are waiting for a time when,
     Children shall not sit on the floor at school,
     Nor will they miss out because they couldn’t afford a uniform,
     Or because they had to carry water all day…

In days to come,
     They shall be confident thinkers, speakers and activists.
     They shall value their native languages,
     And have running water and a toilet.

We are waiting for a time when,
     The roads shall be paved,
     People bring their produce to market,
     And have access to quality health care…

In days to come,
     The children of Timor shall not struggle against foreign domination,
     Because powerful nations shall not oppress…
     Nor shall they exploit…

We are waiting for a time when,
     Fear shall give way to hope,
     Trauma will yield to trust…
     And the children of Timor will know war no more.

Then many people shall come and say:
     “Come, let us go to Timor,
     to the land of Maubere…
     there we will see how people have struggled together:
     to wipe out tuberculosis and prevent HIV,
     to grow food, catch fish and create an economy that works for all,
     where people live in harmony with nature…
     and in so doing have overcome poverty…”

Tom and Monica Liddle serve with the Protestant Church of East Timor. Their appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.