Talking Points and Resources for Reflection, Advocacy, and Solidarity with the Central American Caravan

Thousands of Central American asylum seekers are gathering in Mexico City before deciding whether to head to the U.S. border as one very large caravan or in smaller groups, asylum seekers and activists reported.  News has stated that an estimated 6,000 Central American asylum seekers had gathered by Tuesday afternoon at a sports stadium near Mexico City’s airport that federal and local authorities are using as a shelter. Asylum seekers received medical treatment, food, and legal advice after a 1,000-mile walk for the past 25 days through Honduras, Guatemala and, then, Mexico. Activists and organizations that accompany the asylum seekers said the plan is to stay in Mexico City to wait for thousands more asylum seekers in at least two other caravans to arrive before deciding whether to set out north as a group. If traveling together, that group could top 10,000 people. However, activists cautioned that plans could change at any time.

While Global Ministries continues to monitor the trek of the asylum seekers through those borders, we share some useful materials for reflection and advocacy, regarding the matter:

Also, Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries, our Global Ministries Partner, continues to serve in the Reynosa/Matamoros/Brownsville Texas Border, receiving asylum seekers, providing food, shelter, medical and legal services.  Global Ministries welcomes gifts in support of Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries (SGSM) - please put SGSM in the Project/Partner box if giving online or in the memo line if giving by check. Gifts also are welcome to One Great Hour of Sharing (UCC) for humanitarian responses within the United States in the asylum-seeking crisis, and to Week of Compassion (Disciples) with the designation Refugees.