2013 Africa Area Page

2013 Africa Area Page

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The challenge of our ministry in Africa began in 1833 when the predecessor of the United Church Board for World Minis-tries sent its first missionaries to South Africa. The Division of Overseas Ministries dates its mission to 1855 when one of its predecessors sent a freed slave to Liberia. From those early beginnings, the Africa office of Global Ministries today is involved in mission, relief, development and justice work in 14 countries.

The goals of partnership with Africans are:

• Strengthening our partnership in mission
• Developing and sharing spiritual and material gifts
• Assisting in health, education and leadership development
• Promoting mutual understanding and appreciation
• Standing in solidarity with victims of oppression
• Supporting new church establishment and evangelism

In any age, the church is called to be faithful to the Gospel. In the 2000s and beyond, the church in North America will be challenged by its partners in Africa to new levels of faithfulness.