Al Amana Center in Oman - Pray for Peace in the Gulf

al-amana-logo-full.pngThe work of Al Amana Centre is based on 125 years of collaboration between Christians and Muslims in the Sultanate of Oman. The Reformed Church in America began collaborating with the people in Oman already in the year 1892. In schools and hospitals, they worked together with Omanis to educate and treat people.
We know you have been following the news from the greater region of the Middle East over the past days. We certainly do that here as well.  How things are here? How could people of faith pray for the region?  What could be done in the US and around the world by the churches?

In this document, prepared by our team here both at Al Amana Centre and Protestant Church in Oman, you can find the update on the situation here in the Gulf, a prayer for peace, some words about Christian-Muslim relations, some resources and finally few ideas what a Christian in the US and around the world could do for the situation here.