All-day Kindergarten

Michal Dobson – Thailand

Michal Dobson – Thailand

I have now been through one year of teaching all-day kindergarten. I am grateful to our administrator, Acharn Supaporn, for letting me develop the program and set up the extras that go with a longer day. We made it work.

It was a good year even though a bit exhausting. I had nineteen students, twelve girls and seven boys. Most of them knew some English and five of them spoke English as their first language. My granddaughter was in the class and fortunately that worked just fine. She called me Mrs. Dobson during the day and Grandma after school.

As I settle back in here I have been told I will have 21 students this coming year. The limit is 20. School begins in 10 days so I soon need to locate a new table and some chairs. Hopefully this year floods will not delay our start. I am thankful I have a wonderful helper, Miss Lek. She is great with the children, has good English and keeps me on track. My daughter, Julie, will again be teaching third grade just upstairs from my room. Some of her students will have previously been in my class. Her husband, Andrew, is again teaching and Nakorn Payap International School. This will be my last full year of teaching at CMIS with the support of the Presbyterians, Disciples and UCC churches. I continue to be most grateful for that support and hope to make it my best year yet.

Before I left for the States, the King of Thailand celebrated 60 years of reign. Royalty from twenty five countries joined in. There were formal greetings at the airport for each of these visitors by the royal family, formal meals, fireworks, music written especially for the King and one evening the royal barge ceremony on the Chao Phraya River that included fifty-two barges in five columns and a forty-five minute piece of music written for the occasion. Most of these events were televised so that all the people of Thailand could share in the celebration. A five day holiday was declared and every Thai who could wore yellow, the color worn on Mondays, the day the King was born. The King is loved and respected by everyone here. He has worked hard to care for this country with integrity and humility. Although he is Buddhist, one of his roles is to be the protector of all religions. He has therefore made it possible for missionaries to be here. Long live the King!

Thanks to all of you for reading through these letters and for your continued support and prayers. I hope your next year goes well for you whenever it begins.

My best to you,


Michal Dobson is a missionary with the Church of Christ in Thailand, assigned to the Chiang Mai International School. She serves as an elementary teacher and also assists in the development of curriculum.