AMEU publishes new issue of The Link

The current issue of The Link is now available.  In it, Jonathan Cook writes that the idea for the Freedom Theater was born in the fiery cauldron of death and suffering that was Jenin during both the first and second intifadas. The opening of the Freedom Theater in 2006 is bound up with the story of the organized armed Palestinian resistance that emerged in those first years of the new millennium, and ultimately its failure against one of the most formidable armies in the world. The Freedom Theater and the concept of cultural resistance was an answer--if an inevitably incomplete one-to the questions raised by that defeat.

Americans for Middle East Understanding (AMEU)'s principal educational tool is The Link, with each of its five issues devoted to a single critical issue, one that is usually not covered in depth-if at all-in the mainstream press. In addition to its general readership, The Link goes to approximately 2,500 church leaders, 2,000 academicians, and 1,900 public and school libraries, including major universities.

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