AMEU's The Link: The slow exodus of Palestinian Christians

The Link, published on a bi-monthly basis, is Americans for Middle East Understanding's primary education and information tool. More than 175 issues of The Link have followed since the first issue in 1968.

The Link archive constitutes a body of informed commentary, fact and anecdotal evidence that is all the more valuable for writers, researchers and historians because each issue (for the most part) covers only one subject.

In the current issue, Jonathan Cook writes that Israel has exploited the steady decline in the numbers of Palestinian Christians to advance its claim that they are being hounded from the region by Muslim extremists. But the real blame lies with Israel and the foreign churches.  Click here to read the current issue. 

Jonathan Cook is a British freelance writer who lives with his family in Nazareth. This is his ninth feature article for The Link. All his previous articles going back to 2010 are available on the AMEU website.

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