An Advent Prayer in time of Drought

An Advent Prayer in time of Drought

Tod & Ana Gobledale – Australia

Creator God, 

We pray for our beautiful world.
Yet as we consider your amazing creation, images arise of
global warming, greenhouse gases, climate change, and rising sea levels.

We bring to you in prayer farmers whose land is dry and parched,
And our need for drenching rain to fill our catchment areas and water our land,
Guide our leaders to make responsible water policies for today and the future.
Help each one of us play our part in the wise use and conservation of our water.
God, we pray for your world.
Father God,
We pray for the people of this world.
Yet as we consider the amazing variety of humanity, images arise of
wars and violence that result in death and tragedy,
Greed that results in poverty, prostitution, oppression and even slavery.
We bring to you in prayer the refugees and asylum seekers, the homeless and the unemployed.
Guide our leaders to be influences of good not evil.
Help each one of us play our part in bring justice and wholeness to all people.
God, we pray for the people of this world.
God, when we are tempted to despair for our world, help us to remember
That it is at this very point of hopelessness that Jesus is waiting,
Waiting to transform, waiting to bring new life.
Lord Jesus, help us to see the world as you do.
Let your compassion reach out through us, whatever the cost.
Lord Jesus,
We pray for our Church, here and around the world.
We bring to you in prayer all those who minister in your name.
We give thanks for our ministry team, office staff and volunteers.
We commit to you our special Christmas services that they may bring encouragement and hope.
May your light burn brightly through us, that we may light the way for others.
Lord Jesus, may the words of our prayers truly become our deeds, whatever the cost.
Help us to entrust ourselves and our world to you
That our world and all of humanity, through you, might be saved.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.


December 2006
by Phyl Austin and Ana Gobledale
Anglican and Churches of Christ

Submitted by,
Tod & Ana Gobledale

The Gobledales serve the Common Global Ministries Board at Churches of Christ Theological College (Seminary) in Australia. Currently, their son, Mandla, attends Occidental College in Los Angeles, and their daughter, Thandiwe, has begun a 2-year appointment with Global Ministries at the Family Village Farm near Vellore, India.