An Attempted Reflection

An Attempted Reflection

My time here started with open eyes and intense curiosity

This week I’ve had some interesting experiences. While I’ve already had a number of fainting students, this week I dealt with my first puke in the classroom. And I’ve also reached my breaking point with my now over-sized clothes, and I’ve started hand-sewing some of them, taking in the seams. This month I’ve experienced more than my fair share of scheduled power cuts, and I have combated rogue bats swirling around my bedroom in the evenings. This month also marks the half-way point of my service term here in Sri Lanka, and I thought I’d share some of my reflections.

My time here started with open eyes and intense curiosity, and upon arrival, many bouts with sickness. It was a difficult adjustment physically as well as emotionally. Before coming, I had written about my frustrations with my Sri Lankan guide books and their seemingly lack of information on the Jaffna region. While the fighting has ceased, it’s as though there is still an invisible line cutting off the region from the rest of Sri Lanka and the world. I scribbled all kinds of questions in my journal.

Julianna Nitz
Global Mission Intern- Sri Lanka

Julianna is a Global Mission Intern who serves with the Jaffna Diocese (Sri Lanka) of the Church of South India.  Her ministry is possible because of funds provided by Week of Compassion of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  She serves as a music teacher at the Uduvil Girls’ College, Christian Theological Seminary, and Jaffna College.