An Epiphany Message from the People to People Pilgrimage Program

As the New Year starts and we immerse ourselves in the hope and joy of Epiphany, I find myself inspired by the many courageous teams, which have stepped out in faith to meet international partners face-to-face. Like the Magi who traveled to visit Jesus after his birth, those traveling to distant lands on a mission pilgrimage follow the light of the life-giving work and witness of ecumenical partners around the world. This light shines brightly as partners work to bring about justice, reconciliation, and peace in their lands. These pilgrims offer themselves as gifts to new sisters and brothers as they worship, brake bread, listen, learn, and receive and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

HHernandez_Arte_Epifanía_Navideña_con_titulo.jpgA mission pilgrimage is a transforming experience through which participants share themselves and receive God’s love in a new way. Participants come back changed by the encounter with the Living Christ reflected in the lives of those they meet. Like the Magi, they return to their country by an alternate route - a route that demands hope, prayer, and action for a better world upon return.

The People-to-People Pilgrimage Program invites you to reflect and consider making your own journey of transformation, inspired by the Magi’s journey to Bethlehem. Our program will help you organize a mission pilgrimage for your congregation, region, or conference. We will also provide educational materials and resources to prepare you for your journey, which you can view by completing this form online. We hope this Epiphany, a time when Jesus is revealed to the world, inspires you to seek Him through presence and community with those near and far. It will change your life; you will go home by another way.

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  • Okech Emmanuel
    commented 2019-06-05 11:44:43 -0400
    Hi, i am Emmanuel Okech from Kenya Nairobi! please i am interested in this opportunity to study theology and devote my life completely to do the work of missionary as currently am serving in Kenya as a missionary and before i was serving in South Sudan from 2012 to 2016. So, i also would like to attend these theology class for a greater impact in the lives of people across the all continents. please , contact these email; or and tell; +254713066640. May God bless you all in Jesus name.