Anglican Church of Kenya Calls for Unity to Defeat Terrorism

Anglican Church of Kenya Calls for Unity to Defeat Terrorism

The primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Rev. Dr Eliud Wabukala, in his message for Good Friday called for unity in order to defeat the terrorist threat faced by the country.

The Anglican Church of Kenya is a member church of the World Council of Churches (WCC). Wabukala’s remarks came in a pastoral letter following the al-Shabaab attack on 2 April at Garrissa University, Kenya, that killed nearly 150 people, including many Christians.

In his letter Wabukala said, “Let us resolve today that these deaths, and those of other Kenyans who have died previously at the hands of al Shabaab, will not be in vain.”

“We call on the government to do all in its power to protect the lives of its citizens and we call on the world community to recognize that this latest outrage is not just an attack on Kenya, but part of an assault on world peace. The time has come for the world to unite as never before in defeating this growing menace,” Wabukala added.

Wabukala went on to say that while government has a vital role to play in dealing with terrorism, the hearts and minds of ordinary people are even more important.

He said, “Let us covenant together before God that we will never ever surrender our nation or our faith in Christ to those who glory in death and destruction. We will not be intimidated because we know and trust in the power of the cross, God’s power to forgive our sins, to turn death into the gate of glory and to make us his children for ever.”

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This article originally appeared on the World Council of Churches’ Website.