Apologize for the Blasphemous Actions

In December 2014 the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) intruded Mintongsun Peace Church, which they accused of conducting Pro-North Korea activities, however their activities are all peaceful efforts toward reconciliation of the Korean peninsula. Based on the National Security Law the SMPA searched the church buildings and especially the sanctuary where they removed the cross and dismantled the altar, sacred pieces of Christian worship. The NCCK Executive Committee, which met on January 22nd concluded that these actions threaten freedom of expression and association as well as freedom of religion. The NCCK further demand the SMPA to make an official apology for these blasphemous actions. On January 8th, in protest to these blasphemous actions, about thirteen people including the pastor of the church began sit-in strike in the NCCK.  

Please keep the Korean church in your prayers and express solidarity to the people in the sit-in protest.

January 26, 2015

Department of Justice and Peace
The National Council of Churches in Korea

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