Armenian Missionary Association of America Recommends Watching “The Promise”

Armenian Missionary Association of America Recommends Watching “The Promise”

As a fellow mission partner and believer, I am writing to you in the important work that generations of missionaries have, and continue to contribute, to assist those living in poverty, battling illness and facing persecution. The UCC’s work in Armenia is an extension of the missionaries’ credo of going to serve where God has called you.

Protestant missionaries were the first foreign eyewitnesses of the Armenian Genocide. The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) had created an extensive network of schools, orphanages, hospitals and colleges across the region. Next to the US consuls, American missionaries collectively became the most important group of witnesses to this tragic massacre. Virtually every mission sent reports, which together with the official consular communiques, came to constitute the body of English-language eyewitness and documentary evidence on the extermination policy of the Ottoman Turkish government. The missionaries’ efforts to provide for the care and comfort to thousands of suffering survivors, especially orphans were heroic and vital.

On April 21st, the first ever wide-release Hollywood film about the Armenian Genocide opened in theaters nationwide and in Canada. Part of the storyline includes the compassion and dedication of the Protestant missionaries in the region at the time. “The Promise” highlights the crucial role of Protestant missionaries during the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) and the entire Armenian nation are forever grateful for the humanitarian relief provided by these missionaries during the darkest chapter in our history.

We would greatly appreciate your willingness to disseminate a circular among your parishes, encouraging them to see “The Promise” in theaters this week and show the important role that was played one hundred years ago.

Your support will ensure a longer theatrical run, allowing for more people to become aware of the near annihilation of an ancient Christian nation. You may contact Haig Boyadjian at if certain parishes would like to organize group outings to go see this movie in local theaters. Mr. Boyadijian will gladly facilitate this with the film’s distributor.

I thank you for your support and willingness to help the Armenian people once more.


Zaven Khanjian
AMAA Executive Director/CEO

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