At Kirchentag Olav Fykse Tveit highlights churches’ role in establishing ecological justice

At Kirchentag Olav Fykse Tveit highlights churches’ role in establishing ecological justice

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In a talk during the Evangelischen Kirchentag in Hamburg, Germany, the World Council of Churches (WCC) general secretary, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit stressed the leading role of churches worldwide in the process of establishing justice and an ecologically-friendly way of life.

Change is possible, Tveit said, “because God is working and we are invited to get up, move and work together”. The theme of the WCC’s upcoming assembly in Busan, Republic of Korea this fall, “God of life, lead us to justice and peace,” reflects the wish of the WCC fellowship of churches to move on the way toward peace, justice and ecological transformation, Tveit said.

The WCC 10th Assembly will be held 30 October to 8 November.

Churches can lead the way in the current process of transformation “not because we know better, but because all 345 member churches of the WCC are working since forty years on the issues of peace, justice and the integrity of creation,” said Tveit on a podium in front of Hamburg’s city hall on Thursday, 2 May.

In some countries like Germany or Norway the ecological transformation has already moved beyond the stage of discussion and started changing the daily life of the people. “But in many parts of the world people are still waiting for a change,” he said.

Tveit told about a synod meeting addressing this issue in his home country, Norway, when the delegates discussed their stand on a change in Norwegian oil production. The production is said to have possible impact on the people in Tuvalu, a small atoll in the South Pacific threatened by rising sea levels which is a result of climate change.

The Evangelische Kirchentag is a church-wide event in Germany bringing together some 117,000 participants from 1-5 May in Hamburg. More than 36,000 persons contribute nearly 3000 hours of time in 2,500 events at various locations in and around Hamburg.

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Through Kirchengemeinschaft, there are eight United Church of Christ members and staff attending Kirchentag this year.