Begin as You Want to End 2017

Begin as You Want to End 2017

South_Africa_-_Jan_2017_IMG_6806.JPGThe new school year of 2017 at Inanda Seminary has begun.  The boarding school campus is buzzing.   The grade 12s who completed their exams at the end of last year have just heard the good news of their results.

All grade 12 students in the country write final common exams and the results determine qualification into tertiary level institutions.  

Inanda Seminary students received a 100% pass and 116 subject distinctions from a class of 67 students.  The overall pass rate for the country was 72.5%. 

Inanda Seminary’s results and fully expected from a school that is committed to addressing the educational crisis in South Africa.

South_Africa_-_Jan_2017_IMG_6809.JPGThe top student on a full bursary to Inanda Seminary achieved 6 As and 1 B. She has been accepted to a university and plans to pursue engineering.   Her first choice of study.

While these outstanding results were being celebrated, the school campus was being utilized to train 100 new teacher interns that will begin their training and education in various schools in the country.

Inanda Seminary believes that in addition to offering quality education to students that supporting and training excellent teachers will contribute to an improved educational landscape in the country.

Inanda Seminary has a full-scale teacher intern programme and is an example that other schools are seeking to model.

During these initial days of the school year, the Inanda Seminary teachers are participating in professional development with a focus on Habits of Mind (  The professional development Summit is hands on practical application and integrated with technology.  

At Inanda Seminary, the Principal often reminds the staff and students to begin as they intend to end.  A new year that begins in this manner is likely to conclude with success, growth and development. 

Rev. Susan Valiquette serves with Inanda Seminary, Durban, South Africa as the chaplain and an instructor. Her appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, and your special gifts.