Debbie Colvin, serving with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana.

Today, I made my last trip to the Peki Government Hospital and Dzake Community Health Clinic. These are the 2 places I served while here in Peki working with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. 

Health care in Ghana is quite a bit different than in the United States. Here, it seems as though everything is shared, while in the U.S. everything is individualized. I have had to make quite a bit of change to the way I was taught to do things to accommodate what is done here. At first, it was very daunting to give care this way. However, I soon realized that even though the treatments and care given vary from what I was used to, the outcomes are the same.

The medical staff gives the best care they can with the supplies and equipment available.

One of my biggest concerns was the lack of oxygen. We only have portable tanks and a few concentrators which makes it difficult to give proper treatment to someone with respiratory issues. 

So, when Covid came on the scene I was extremely concerned because of the lack of oxygen availability.  Fortunately, to date, we have not had any Covid cases here at the hospital or clinic. There have been a few patients, though, who were referred out to a better-equipped facility for diagnosis and treatment. 

Working in an area where there is limited health care available, the treatments given are minimal, and the water supply is ample but shuts off quite frequently as well as the electricity, I have come to realize that I can always do with a lot less than I have had in the past. I just need to look at the situation and do the best I can with what is available.

As I conclude my assignment here in Ghana I reflect on the open, friendly, hospitable people I have grown to cherish here. No one seems to be a stranger — only a new acquaintance. The faith of the people of Ghana is impressive and the energy and time they put into worshiping, praying, and preparing for service is wonderful.

Like I said, earlier today was my last trip to the hospital and clinic. I went to share some supplies with them and to say my farewells. Although I was not able to greet everyone I’ve worked with, I was able to see quite a few. I will miss them all and will always hold this time in my heart as a growing experience both spiritually and professionally.

It is a bittersweet goodbye but it’s time to move onward to more experiences.

God’s Blessing on all God’s children in Ghana.

Thank you all for helping me serve in this assignment.

Global Ministries Mission Co-workers in Ghana:
Larry and Debbie Colvin serve with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. Their appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, OGHS, and your special gifts.