DOM Board Nominates Julia Brown Karimu as Next President

DOM Board Nominates Julia Brown Karimu as Next President


 At its meeting of April 7, 2011, the Board of Directors of the Division of Overseas Ministries (DOM) of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) voted to nominate the Rev. Julia Marie Brown Karimu to succeed Rev. Dr. David A. Vargas as President of DOM and Co-Executive of Global Ministries, effective August 1, 2011.  As per DOM’s By-Laws, the nomination will be presented for election via mail ballot by the General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), followed by confirmation by the Board of Directors of DOM.

In his announcement of the nomination of Rev. Karimu, the Rev. Dr. Donald Gillett II, Chair of the Search Committee and the DOM Board of Directors, said, “It is with great excitement that we nominate Rev. Julia Brown Karimu as the next President of DOM.  Rev. Karimu is the right person for this time of transformation as she brings passion and experience and vision to the task at hand.”

Since 2004, Rev. Karimu has served as the Vice President of the Division of Overseas Ministries, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and since September, 1985 as Mission Personnel Executive of the Division of Overseas Ministries and later for Global Ministries, which administers the common mission program of the Division of Overseas Ministries and the Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ.

As Vice President of the Division of Overseas Ministries, Rev. Karimu carries administrative responsibilities in the absence of the President and represents the Division in the life of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the ecumenical community. 

As Mission Personnel Executive, Rev. Karimu provides leadership and guidance in the recruitment, selection and placement of missionaries appointed by Global Ministries.  She is responsible for personnel policy development, implementation, and administration.

Before joining DOM, Rev. Karimu served as Director of Voluntary Service (1977-1985) in the Division of Homeland Ministries (now Disciples Home Missions) of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  She carried responsibility for initiation, administration, planning and program development of work projects, summer internship service programs, work-study seminars and various other forms of voluntary service, incorporating persons wishing to serve in a voluntary capacity on an individual basis or as a member of a group work project.

Rev. Karimu completed her high school and college education in Mississippi where she was active in the movement for racial justice.  A native of Yazoo City, Mississippi, she received a B.S. degree in History and Political Science in 1973 from Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi.  In 1975 she earned a Teacher’s Certificate in English from Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio.  She taught English, journalism and social studies to junior high students in the Cleveland school system.  She received her Master of Divinity Degree from Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana in 1986.

Rev. Karimu was ordained November 18, 1990, by the Christian Church in Indiana at Geist Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Indianapolis, where she is currently a member 

Rev. Karimu is married to Christian Abdul Karimu.  They are the proud parents of twins, Christopher Lahai and Kona Jihan.