Bongani Orphan Care Program

Bongani Orphan Care Program

2008 has been exciting and challenging for Bongani Orphan Care to date. We still have to learn more ways to address the problem of HIV/ AIDS as there is still a growing number of orphans in communities. We have not come to a stage where we can relax. We still have a vital task to reach out to those people who have not been educated or empowered about the pandemic. We have good support from the UCCSA Synod and Regions, the volunteers are still committed to their work although some have burnt-out and they need a break. Most of our volunteers are either widows or have otherwise been affected or infected by the virus.

When the program started our goal was to keep the numbers low so as to give the best possible care to the children. Although our numbers are escalating by the day, we pray to God to give us strength to persevere during the hard times. Our people have stood by God in prayer, praying for our country as we journey through this era.

In the first six months of 2008, Bongani worked vigorously to assist our children, especially those in need. Education is our highest priority and we would like to see our children being better people of tomorrow. We would like to engage a teacher to conduct extra lessons during school holidays.


  • Refresher course for volunteers
  • Psycho-social Support training for caregivers and volunteers
  • Overnight for children from 9 – 12 years
  • Psycho-social Support for homes headed by children
  • Teen-age Parenting
  • HIV Indaba (“Indaba” is a Zulu word used to mean gathering)


  • Support group for young mothers
  • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission [PMTCT] (of HIV)
  • Peanut Butter making

We have continued to help volunteers and care givers with remnants with which they make blankets, boy’s shorts and shirts, and dresses.


  • Economic hardships
  • People not appreciating the work of volunteers
  • Church not helping especially in fundraising activities


  • Borehole (drinking water well) repaired and water tank erected
  • One boy in 3rd year Nurse Training
  • One boy in stage two Motor Mechanics
  • Office equipment acquired including: computer [donation from denominational office], fax, phone, laptop, and digital camera
  • Small donation to the Synod

In our custom we say “do not clap hands for yourself” but we are proud of ourselves for the work done by the programme.

On behalf of Bongani, we would like to thank Global Ministries for supporting Bongani Orphan Care Program and uplifting our children to be better citizens.


Submitted by: Thelma Simela, Bongani Orphan Care Program