A New Book by Rachel Beck

A New Book by Rachel Beck

Finding Your Way: When Life Changes Your Plans

Rachel Beck (V. Lakshmi)

Global Ministries congratulates Rachel Beck on her newly published book Finding Your Way: When Life Changes Your Plans which is published under her author name, V. Lakshmi, and is published through Citrine Publishing.

Rachel’s relationship with Global Ministries began early in her life when she received as an infant by Dr. Pauline King, former mission co-worker of what is today Global Ministries and founder of Family Village Farm in India. Soon, Dr. King arranged for her to be adopted by a family in the United States. In Rachel’s young adult years, she connected with Global Ministries to learn about the life and work of Dr. Pauline King and her founding of the Family Village Farm.

In 2013, Rachel visited India, photographing Family Village Farm, as a Global Ministries Short-Term Volunteer. As a professional photographer, Rachel took many of the Family Village Farm photos featured on the Global Ministries website. Reflecting on this experience, one of several as she has returned several times to Family Village Farm, she wrote in a Global Ministries newsletter,

I learned that human relationships are far more important than simply being busy out in the world. I felt the importance of becoming a more global human being and the need to make a positive impact in this world. AND, I saw so how much of a difference a single individual can make on his or her world. I recognized that – with all of the horrible things we hear about all the time – humanity and kindness are still very much alive, concepts I had found myself questioning as to their very existence!

In her book Finding Your Way: When Life Changes Your Plans, Rachel/V. paints a portrait of an uncommon life: an orphan born in a remote village in India, then adopted and raised in America. The tragic, mysterious death of Rachel/V.’s biological mother two days after her birth tenderly foreshadows the maelstrom of sensitive, feminine health issues Rachel/V. would face in her life. The book chronicles the process of her decision toward the rebirth of Rachel/V. herself.

Beck’s is a rising voice in the movement of women’s storytelling. It is rooted in a cross-cultural, adoptive-family love story unlike any other. With vulnerability and grace, Rachel/V. simultaneously captures and frees the emotions surrounding all sides of adoption, her intense encounters with racism, her path to a loss of motherhood, and her courageous renaissance. She illustrates how “the end” of one road is only the beginning of another… and the unforeseen is also beautiful and perhaps more fulfilling than we could have ever imagined.

A portion of the proceeds of this new book will be donated to Global Ministries Child and Elder sponsorship partner, Family Village Farm.

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