Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL) Statement on the Violent Abuse of Girls

The Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL)

The Council of Churches in Sierra Leone is appalled and dismayed to learn of the recent violent sexual act committed on an innocent five-year-old girl. This recent act is indicative of the endemic rise of such violent abuse on our girls!

There has been too much talking without action. Hence the spread of the malaise with such depraved men manifesting indifference.

The CCSL feels it is high time that some definitive action is taken and immediate corrective penalty imposed when such callous acts are committed.

Council appeals to all not to condone such activities and bring them to light if and when they are knowledgeable of such crimes being committed.

We call on the government to put in place measures that will prevent and deter further acts of such violent abuse.

There are a lot of child protection agencies working in this country. Council urges these agencies to come together under the purview of the National Commission for children and proffer remedial activities to be undertaken by all concerned.

The CCSL was founded in 1924 and has over the years played a constructive role in mediation, dynamic relief, and rehabilitation. The Council, in keeping with its mission statement, promotes the prophetic ministry of Jesus Christ for the benefit of the community at large.

Thus, it is our prayer that a quick and lasting solution will be developed and put an end to this malaise destroying our society.

Long Live the Republic of Sierra Leone.