CEDECOL Women’s Network

CEDECOL Women’s Network

Read the 2011 report from the CEDECOL Women’s Network in Colombia.

2011 Report

The Council of Evangelical Churches of Colombia (CEDECOL) is a partner of Global Ministries which, among many other things, offers relief and hope to the victims of Colombia’s situation of violence and upheaval. The CEDECOL Women’s Network is an interdenominational network of women working throughout Colombia as advocates for those affected by the violence. They empower women, especially those with a strong Christian identity, to accept the challenge of working to secure dignity for all. They especially work with women and their families who have been displaced because of the civil war in Colombia and with women’s groups in poor communities.

The Women’s Network offers programs and initiatives to women who face social and economic hardship, as well as those living in the midst of domestic abuse and civil violence.  They attempt to provide women throughout the country with the power to provide for themselves and their families, as well as to promote and provide opportunities for other women in a sustainable effort.  The Network also actively advocates for peace, justice, and equality, three important values often absent in Colombian society.

During the past couple of years, the CEDECOL Women’s Network has consolidated a national leadership team, participated in public policy, documented cases of human rights violations, and participated in the associations of pastors.  They have strengthened the network of job coordinators and the women of the Women’s Network with skills and knowledge which has improved the health, self-esteem, and improved quality of life for the affected families.  In addition to their work in Colombia, CEDECOL has maintained a relationship with the Disciples Women Woman-to-Woman Worldwide group that visited them in Colombia in November of 2009, and the National Coordinator of the Women’s Network attended the Disciples Women’s Quadrennial in North Carolina in June 2010.

The CEDECOL Women’s Network provided workshops during 2011 in areas of conflict resolution and domestic violence, working with widows and displaced women on aspects of psychosocial and health trauma.  They have established a number of support groups including:  Ecumenical Women’s Caucus for Peace, Sanctuary of Peace Churches, Strengthening relationships with the Women’s Commission CEDECOL, Ministry Fathers and Mothers Who Pray.  They have fostered partnerships with government and private organizations.  They have continued to support socio-economic initiatives such as production and management training, arts and crafts, and support for micro-credit projects.  In the future, the CEDECOL Women’s Network would like to provide more intentional support and assistance to widows of pastors, and to increase support to women to participate in micro-credit projects, as well as helping with marketing products and crafts that the women produce.  The idea is to have a seed fund for the micro-credit projects and have this fund rotate among the members.

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