Centro Romero

romero.jpgGlobal Ministries recognizes Daniel F. Romero of Centro Romero with an Award of Afrimation at the 2019 Global Ministries International Dinner. 

Since its founding, Centro Romero has been a leader in the field of practical theology with a special interest in immigration issues, migrant advocacy, sex trafficking, economic justice, and environmental justice. Since 2015, Centro Romero has worked on the U.S./Mexico border in Tijuana, Mexico and Southern California. They welcome migrant children traveling on their own, single mothers traveling with their children, and other vulnerable populations. Centro Romero provides housing, food, medical attention, psychological support, and pastoral care for families and individuals seeking political asylum and affected by current United States immigration policies. 

Most families arriving at Centro Romero are originally from Central America, including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Another large constituency receiving support from Centro Romero are individuals from Haiti and Africa. Centro Romero provides for the immediate relief, but also works to promote family empowerment and reunification, and assists in gaining access to legal services for families.

In addition to these services for migrant families, the Centro Romero offers a community lecture program and hosts fact-based discussions on the factors driving migration from Central America. They also train and provide volunteer opportunities for individuals in both Tijuana and San Diego to represent refugee families and provide advocacy training.

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