CEOSS “In Motion” newsletter–June 2014

CEOSS “In Motion” newsletter–June 2014

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The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) General Director Congratulates the New Elected President

Egypt witnessed the end of May 2014, the beginning of a new phase of the road map endorsed by the millions of Egyptians in 3 July, 2014. Presidential elections were held between the two candidates: Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi – former defense minister, and Mr. Hamdeen Sabahy revolutionary candidate . More than 25 million citizens participated in the electoral process, representing about 47% of eligible voters. A number of international observers representing international, Arab and local organizations witnessed and the electoral process, which was characterized with fairness and transparency. Marshal Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi won the election with about 97% of the votes, and the candidate Hamdeen 3% of the votes.

After the announcements of the results, Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki delivered his congratulations to elected President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, in which he said: “Egypt is looking forward to a new era, in which a model of stability, coexistence and democracy exists.” Read more 

CEOSS General Director visits Amman in response to King of Jordan’s invitation

Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki , CEOSS General Director, visited Amman – Jordan in response to an invitation from His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein – king of Jordan , to attend the official reception hosted by King Abdullah in honor of Pope Francis II – the Catholic Pope , who paid a visit to Jordan on Saturday 24 May, 2014.  Read more 

CEOSS Discusses Egypt’s Democratic Transformation and Economic Changes

CEOSS FID organized a seminar entitled “Democratic Transformation and Economic Changes” on 23 and 24 April 2014 . The seminar was attended by about 130 intellectuals, university professors, religious leaders, media professionals and FID members from several provinces in Cairo, Alexandria and Upper Egypt.

The seminar addressed the current economic situation of Egypt, economic scenarios in light of the democratic transition, poverty and its various dimensions , unemployment , and the absence of justice in the regional and factional development.  Read more

CEOSS Organizes A Seminar Entitled: “The June Revolution Constitution … Why?”

Egypt is about to take the first steps to carry out the Road Map through the Referendum on the constitutional amendments that were prepared by the Constitutional Committee after June 30th Revolution.

In this context, CEOSS FID organized a seminar on Jan 9th,  2014 entitled: “The June Revolution Constitution… Why?”. This seminar was attended by Mr. Amr Mousa, Constitutional Committee Head  and a group of leading public figures, intellectuals, professors, religious leaders and  journalists.  Read more 

CEOSS Discusses Egypt Democratic Transition with the Norwegian Foreign Ministry

Mr. Bård Glad Pedersen, State Secretary of Foreign Affairs, received Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki, CEOSS General Director and a delegation from CEOSS at the Foreign Ministry in the capital Oslo, as part of CEOSS work in public diplomacy and international relations.

Dr. Andrea Zaki, said in a statement, that the meeting dealt with the ongoing political process, and Egypt steps in the democratic transition. This transition will be made through commitment to establishing a real modern democracy based on respect for human rights, citizenship, equality before the law, and the involvement of all sectors of society in this process.  Read more

CEOSS Hosts the Arab Disability Movement

CEOSS hosted the second meeting of Arab Disability Movement, entitled ” Arab Disability Movement ..partnership, capacity building and monitoring mechanisms” with the participation of delegations representing 13 Arab countries, and in collaboration with Diakonia, the International Organization for People with Disabilities, and Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union.

The meeting aims to exchange experiences and to discuss the steps of forming alliances and national federations of Member States and to develop an action plan for the coming period in the context of a number of themes, including the mechanisms of the Arab partnerships, empowerment and capacity building, monitoring and follow-up mechanisms for the rights of persons with disabilities.  Read more

The Arab-European Dialogue Discusses “Citizenship and Religion in Political Transformation”

CEOSS FID, in cooperation with Loccum Academy, held a new round of the Arab-Europe Dialogue entitled “Citizenship and Religion in Political Transformation” from 24 Feb. to 1 Mar., 2014 at CEOSS premises in Cairo. The conference was attended by a number of intellectuals, parliament members, religious leaders and media professionals.

The conference addressed topics such as a critique of the post Arab spring revolutions, the response of the European policy to the political changes especially in Egypt, the legitimate governance, current situation in Egypt and Tunasia, and the future of Arab-European relations.  Read more 

Samuel Habib award for excellence in voluntary social work

CEOSS held the ninth ceremony for Samuel Habib Award for outstanding civil work in the presence of presidential candidate Hamdeen sabahy, Dr Yahya El Gamal – former Deputy Prime Minister, Petra Bose PR Bishop of the Evangelical Church in Germany and a number of religious leaders and government officials. 

This year 7 Million Disabled Organization won the Associations Award. It was established by a group of young people with disabilities in 2011 who had a dream of a decent life, positive interaction, and activation of real citizenship and participation in the social life.

The second award was won by Jesuit Father Mounir Khuzam , who spent more than half a century in the service of the poor in Upper Egypt, especially children, youth and poor communities. Read more 

Minia Governor Visits CEOSS Annual Development Achievements Fair in Minia

Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki CEOSS General Director visited the Annual CEOSS Development Achievements Fair in Minia accompanying a delegation of public figures, intellectuals, and media professionals. Among the prominent attendees are General Salah Ziada (Minia Governor), Dr. Ahmed El-Borai (former Minister of Social Solidarity), president of the General Federation of Civil Society Associations in Egypt.

The visit aimed at presenting CEOSS achievements in the field of development to serve the citizens and the community in Minia in order to improve the quality of life for the poor and marginalized and enable them to access their rights. Read more 

CEOSS signs a memorandum of cooperation with the Women National Council

CEOSS signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Women National Council at the premises of the Council. Minister Mervat El Talawi- Head of the Council, Ambassador Mona Omar- General Secretary of the Council and Ms. Hanaa Refaat – Governorates Responsible presented the Council while Ms. Margerit Saroufim – Local Development Manager, Mr. Rafik Nagy – Head of Local development in Cairo and Qalubeya and Ms. Suzan Sedky, Head of Local Development Programs represented CEOSS

CEOSS, in partnership with Vodafone Egypt and the General Authority for Literacy and Adult Education, is implementing “Literacy Initiative” for 15,000 male and female illiterates in Cairo and Giza, during the year 2013/2014. Read more 

CEOSS holds a consultation for its agriculture program entitled “The Future of Agricultural Production in Egypt”

CEOSS organized a consultation for its agricultural program on 27th and 28th of January at CEOSS office. The meeting was attended by 50 participants from the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Centers, the Social Fund, the Public Cooperative Agricultural Union, representatives of the farmers’ organizations, consultants and experts in the agricultural production and representatives of the private sector companies.

The consultation aimed at developing the vision and strategic objectives of the agricultural programs in CEOSS. It discussed some key issues on agriculture marketing, post harvest, food security and farmers’ rights. Read more 

Two celebrations for “Education is Power” Initiative by Vodafone in  Minia and Beni-Suef

A celebration was organized in Bani Mohamed El Sharqia Community on Feb. 4th, 2014. This was done in coordination with the General Agency for Adult Education in Minia Branch.

The initiative provided specialized medical convoys in the following fields (internal medicine, family planning, ophthalmology, pulmonology and osteology). These convoys were conducted in coordination with the Health and Population Directorate and the Vet Directorate in Minia. CCEOSS was honoured for its achievements in the literacy field during the recent examination period December 2013. Read more

Closing ceremony of CEOSS “Combating Poverty” project in Cairo

CEOSS held a closing ceremony for the project of Combating Poverty through Capacity Building  that was attended by 350 participants from the project local communities and 8 CBOs. They shared the most important achievements during the project period that lasted for 3 years. Read more

CEOSS signs a cooperation protocol with the General Agency for Adult Education

In light of the cooperation between CEOSS and governmental agencies, a cooperation protocol was signed with the General Agency for Adult Education in November 2013, where the CEOSS General Director, Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki signed the protocol on behalf of CEOSS and Mr. Mohamed Afeefy Mohamed, Head of the Agency on behalf of the General Agency for Adult Education.

And based upon the corporate social and national responsibility of all the national and civic entities that work in the development field, in addition to the pioneering role played by CEOSS in developing the local community culturally, socially, scientifically and economically in order to combat illiteracy and put an end to it, Vodafone initiative of Education is Power was implemented. Read more

CEOSS contributes in opening 48 community schools for educating girls in Minia Villages

In the project of combating the worst forms of the child labor in agriculture, CEOSS contributed in opening 48 community schools for girls under the Ministry of Education in 48 villages in Minia. The schools included 1010 children who were sorted according to gender as 58 boys and 952 girls, these were working children who were taken from the labor market and enrolled to the constituency education. Read more