CEOSS In Motion newsletter

CEOSS In Motion newsletter

CEOSS Addresses Religious Discourse and Fighting Violence

CEOSS FID organized a workshop, in Minya, on January 21st, entitled, “Religious Discourse and Fighting Violence” with the attendance of 25 of Muslim and Christian religious leaders and of civil society leaders, with the aim of addressing the historical exploitation of religious violence as well as the renewal of religious discourse and its obstacles.

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CEOSS inaugurates the constructional adaptation of El Khalifa Public Hospital

CEOSS has always striven to spread concepts of integration for PWDs in the Egyptian society through several methods such as adapting public organizations to help PWDs get access to its services, as a strategy to apply some replicable models and to actualize them, towards an integrated community that guarantees equality for PWDs.

CEOSS holds The Copts and the Revolution Book Review

CEOSS FID organized a book review for “Copts and the Revolution” book by Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki CEOSS General Director and President of the Protestant Church in Egypt. A number of intellectuals, university professors, Islamic and Christian Religious leaders in addition to a group of media professionals and civil society activists participated.

CEOSS Addresses the Civil Society and its Role in Confronting Violence and Terrorism

We all follow the events of violence and terrorism all over the world and in Egypt as well, and the reflections of these events on the community, and their negative implications on citizens. Within this framework, on February 17 – 18, 2015, CEOSS FID organized a conference entitled: “Civil Society and Confronting Violence and Terrorism” in Cairo.

CEOSS Promotes Family Initiatives of Violence Rejection

CEOSS FID supported an initiative organized by a group called “Love Never Fails”. The initiative was conducted in El Moqatam on Saturday 14th March 2015 entitled “Family and Violence Rejection”.

CEOSS Adopts the Activation of the Small Parliament Initiative

In the context of the Academics’ program, CEOSS FID took part in an initiative entitled “Activating the Small Parliament”. The initiative was conducted on 18th and 19th February 2015. It aimed at activating the school parliament through the partnership with 15 schools.

CEOSS Promotes the Role of Leaders for Religious Understanding

CEOSS FID held a meeting for the graduates of the “Leaders for Religious Understanding” on Jan 20. 2015 so as to plan for the coming phase of the program in 2015, with the aim of gathering program’s graduates to work together to counter extremism.

CEOSS discusses methodologies of activating civil rights

CEOSS FID organized a workshop entitled “Methodologies of Activating the Civil Rights” on 13th March 2015 in Cairo.

Public Diplomacy from Washington to Brussels

For years, CEOSS has been conducting international dialogue as part of the Forum for Intercultural Dialogue program, covering the Arab and European regions.

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