Letter from Child in China to Her Sponsors

Letter from Child in China to Her Sponsors

A child in China supported by Global Ministries Child Sponsorship program writes to her sponsor family in the U.S.


First of all, please allow me to share my great thanks to both of you.  Your photo brought us closer.  In Chinese words, “the support is too great for me to say thank you.”  Even that, I still would like to say thank you.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go back to school, and thank you for giving me the power of live.

Unfortunately, my mother died of HIV 6 years ago, and my father is an AIDS patient.  No one takes care of me at home, instead, I am not only taking care of my sick father but also my grandma.  My life is quite different from my schoolmates since I have a single parent, and I need to visit my father at the hospital often.  Others can go home on time to have delicious meals with family members after school; but I am always by myself to go into a cold home after school. 

I cried a lot whenever I was thinking about my Mom.  The first thing after school for me is not to have dinner, but I have to cook dinner, and so often I was burned.  When I open the heavy cover of the big wok, steam makes me close my eyes, and I remembered my Mom and cried. 

Other students could go to school after meals, but I couldn’t.  I need to clean and then go to school.  My classmates can review their lessons and do their homework, but I can not.  I have to finish cooking and house work, which takes too much time.  It is already very late in the evening when I review my lessons.  I study so hard and keep good grades.  

I swallow my sadness into my heart, which cannot stop me from missing my Mom.  I am afraid of darkness even though there is always evening everyday.  After it is dark, I couldn’t sleep, but it is time for me to miss my Mom with tears quietly.  At the time when other children go to sleep under their Moms’ care, I was very lonely and missing my Mom, and finally going to sleep with tears. I saw other children acting spoiled in their mothers’ arms, but I couldn’t.  I felt mother’s warmth when I saw your photo.  Could I call you “Mom” wholeheartedly?  Are you going to cold-shoulder a poor little girl like me?  It doesn’t matter how hard a life I have, I will never give up studying hard because I have support from you at the other side of the Pacific. I was crying hard when I received the letter from you.  

I am in Grade 8 and Class 1 at Shanping Middle School.  I am a very lonely student at school.  My classmates live with smiles and laughing, but I am quite different.  I would feel very caring and warm if even anyone say a few words with me.  The life is very difficult for me, but I have a dream:  I want to go to the college, to have a good job, and I will learn from you who support suffering children like me.

It is you who bring me the warm and support when I am in deep trouble, which is priceless timely support, as sending charcoal in snowy weather.  There is no way for me to share my thanks in words.  From the time when I received your support, I determined to study hard and will certainly live up to your expectations. Do you believe me?  Maybe, someday, I will stand in front of you, it’s my hope, to express my thanks to both of you.

Do you still like me after you learned about me?  I treasure your photo, and I will send you one when I have my picture taken.  Please believe me that I will always value the study opportunity you gave to me.  Once again, thank you for your loving heart.  May God bless you and good persons always have peaceful life!  I am looking forward to hearing from you.  At the end of this letter, may I call you “Mom and Dad?”

Truly love.
A little girl supported by you