China Christian Council Disaster Relief News – April 20, 2013 Earthquake

China Christian Council Disaster Relief News – April 20, 2013 Earthquake

Disaster relief updates from the China Christian Council regarding the recent April 2013 earthquake that has devastated Ya’an China.

Below is disaster relief information received from the Social Service Department of the China Christian Council regarding the April 20, 2013 earthquake that devasted the southwestern Sichuan province in China.  The earthquake killed 160 people and left more than 6,700 injured.


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This is Leo, colleague of Paul Wang in Social Service Department of China Christian Council. I’d like to update our churches’ current actions in quake hit area:

After learning the earthquake in Ya’an yesterday morning, China Christian Council (CCC) worked with Sichuan Christian Council (SCC) tried every effort to learn the local situation and local needs at the very first time.

At present, the church in the downtown of Ya’an made the church building to be a temporary shelter, receiving the people affected by the quake and organizing believers to deliver bottle water and food, like instant noodle and gruel.

In the earthquake hit area, with the coordination of SCC and CCC, there are totally 4 teams of churches in neighboring cities going to carry out disaster relief works. Lu Zhou Church together with Lu Zhou Rescue Team arrived in Lu Shan County in the noon of yesterday; De Yang Church organized 5 believers, bringing 30,000 RMB food, arrived in Lu Shan County yesterday evening and has distributed food to local people affected by quake; Nan Chong Church drove to hit area with 20,000 RMB quilts yesterday; Guang Han Church drove to hit area yesterday with the car full of bottle waters. These 4 teams will cooperate to deliver relief work in the local places. However, we haven’t received the photos from them because the internet is not stable or even doesn’t work in some places.

Today, Ya’an Church (the downtown church) has organized a car full of instant noodle, bottle waters and medicines going to the quake hit area, and they will back in the tomorrow noon and bring back the photos and demands there.

CCC had called the brothers and sisters to pray for this disaster through our website, SCC has noticed churches in Sichuan Province to pray for the earthquake hit area.

Now, 193 people were dead and over 10,000 people got injured at different degrees, over 1,200 aftershocks were detected, and 1,500,000 people there were affected. It is reported that, in the earthquake hit area, the most demands are tents, quilts, medicines, foods and water. We ask for your continuous concern on those people influenced by this disaster, and thank you for your support!

God bless people there!




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have learnt new information from earthquake hit areas.

Ya’an Church: In Lu Shan County, there are a large number of collapsed or dangerous houses and buildings, which were split from bottom to the roof, many people have no place to live. Now, the pastoral staffs are in the hit area of Shang Li Town, tents, waters and foods, medicines and clothes are in great demand, and the plastic buckets are also needed. People there only have gruel to cook the nutrition is a big problem.

Lu Zhou Church: We got complements that, among the people went with Lu Zhou Rescue Team there are not only the pastoral staffs but also the staffs from Lu Zhou Gospel Hospital which is run by Lu Zhou Church they drove to the hit area with medical equipment and medicines. And, they took the professional training on searching and rescue before, they are working with the rescue team and wearing the same uniform. Now, the roads to hit area are crowded, it is very slow to transport relief materials inwards; and the materials are very short in Lu Shan now, the relief materials may have to be purchased from Ya’an City and Chengdu.

Sichuan Christian Council is learning and collecting the demands from earthquake hit areas, and they will make a preliminary plan afterwards, including delivering relief materials, organizing medical services and offering psychological comforts.

According to the website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the earthquake has caused 208 people’s death and 11,826 people’s injuries. Now, there are over 2,100 times of aftershocks, and 4 times are over 5 magnitudes.

The attached photos record the action of Lu Zhou Church and rescue team in earthquake hit area, the team member in the photos is Pastor Wang Hong in Lu Zhou Church.

Please keep concern on those people affected from the disaster! Following is CCC’s Donation Information:

All the best,



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We newly learnt that in recent days, Ya’an Church always worked with Nan Chong Church to visit the serious hit areas in Lu Shan County, Tian Quan County and Yu Cheng District of Ya’an, and during the visit, some coworkers from Chengdu Church also joined to give a hand. They delivered biscuit, instant noodle, water, tissue paper and other daily necessities to local people who were affected from earthquake, but the situation is that demand exceeds supply. And, Lu Zhou Church and its Gospel Hospital had already given out all the medicines, but in the Tai Ping Town where they are now, the demands on medicines are still very big.

Moreover, yesterday we also learnt that, in order to smoothly carry out the relief work in earthquake hit areas and ensure the roads clear for transporting relief materials, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice. From 22nd April, social organizations are suggested not to send working teams or staffs to hit areas temporarily, unless having the approval from relevant departments. The General Office of the State Council will make unified arrangement afterwards, according to the real needs in the hit areas. China Christian Council will keep following the developments there and trying every effort, through partnering with Sichuan Christian Council, local church and local departments, to deliver relief and support from churches domestic and abroad as soon as possible.

The attached photos are the joint actions of Nan Chong Church, Ya’an Church and Chengdu Church. We will continue to send you more news.

May God preserve the relief work in Ya’an and help people there back to normal life as soon as possible!

All the best,





Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We have learnt some information from 3 churches that went to the earthquake hit areas of Lu Shan County in Ya’an.

De Yang Church: 5 pastoral staffs arrived in Longmen Town of Lu Shan County at 10:00 p.m. on 20th April, in the car of De Yang Church, they brought bottle waters, quilts, clothes, instant noodles, candles, disinfectants, tooth pastes, tooth brushes, towels, the total value is more than 30,000 RMB. Through the arrangement of the secretary of local place, pastoral staffs handed all the relief materials to every coming people, who got affected from the earthquake, to let them feel the love and warmth of God. The materials distribution didn’t stop until 02:00 a.m. on 21st April then the pastoral staffs hurried back to De Yang at that same night.

Lu Zhou Church: Lu Zhou Church together with Lu Zhou Rescue Team went to Lu Shan County in the noon of 20th April, the team brought rescue equipment and sniffer dogs, and they began to carry out the searching work in earthquake hit towns and villages of Lu Shan County from the early morning of 21st April. Most of the houses and buildings were collapsed in the towns and villages of Lu Shan County, the water and power hadn’t been restored, there are demands on quilts, clothes and foods as well. The rescue team helped one senior woman to excavate some cured meat and food, she said that they only have instant noodle now, while some one even couldn’t get the instant noodle. Although there is big demand on tents, it is learnt that now there is few place having tents for sale in Lu Shan County. The team is settling in the Police Office of Lu Shan County, they plan to collect the demands on relief materials tomorrow.

Ya’an Church: The pastoral staffs went to the gathering point of people affected from earthquake in Lu Shan County, they found that the demands on tents and bottle waters are very big, they plan to back to the downtown of Ya’an City and purchase 500 tents, 500 boxes of bottle waters, 500 boxes of instant noodles, the total budget maybe over 280,000 RMB. Moreover, the medicines of cold medication, gastrointestinal medication and disinfectant medication and clothes are also urgently needed.

The attached pictures recorded De Yang Church’s relief material distribution on the evening of 20th April. Since Lu Zhou Church and Ya’an Church haven’t been access to the internet, we can’t get photos from them.

So far, we haven’t got information from Nan Chong Church and Guang Han Church. Please keep concern on those people affected from the disaster!

May God preserve them!




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today, staffs from CCC and SCC went to the warehouse of Metro to check and purchase the materials, including the quilts (for winter use, 2m * 2.3m), the adult milk powder (Nestle, full cream, 400g/bag), black sesame (Nanfang, 600g/bag), oatmeal (Fine Food, 1kg/bag) and toilet water (Six God, mosquito-repellent, 195ml/bottle). Because the stock of infant milk powder is not enough, especially the stage 2, we have contacted Nestle Company through supermarket to reserve the infant milk powders covering all of 3 stages. Tomorrow, we will check and purchase the moisture-proof pad, tent and medicine. That we take long time to check the materials is for confirming the reliability of the source of relief materials and for facilitating the following procurements.

In the meantime, we have learnt some newest demands on materials from Ya’an Church whose staffs are delivering materials and services in quake hit areas. Therefore, we decided to adapt the original plan that we learn new demands by the feedbacks from the first batch of the materials distribution, we will begin to prepare the second batch as soon as possible so as to save the waiting time between the two times of materials distribution. And, maybe, we will conduct materials distribution in small scales but many batches.

Tomorrow, we will get a list of new demands, and then we will share with all of you. Hope all the brothers and sisters continue to care about the people affected from earthquake, to concern on the relief work by CCC and churches in China, and to help us improve our relief work!

Best regards,




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In response to the serious earthquake in Ya’an, China Christian Council will exert efforts in the work of emergency relief and post-disaster reconstruction.

We just got news that local church has handled related formalities with the coordination of government, and they are approved to send relief materials into quake hit areas now. Therefore, as staff from Social Service Department of CCC, I will go to Chengdu tomorrow, working with Sichuan Christian Council to decide the items and quantity of relief materials, according to SCC’s collection from the churches that just back from quake hit areas these days.

Currently, we’d like to make centralized procurement on tents, quilts, milk powders and medicines (some items may be changed afterwards), and the detailed quantity and the price will be confirmed by an open tender later. By inviting tenders, CCC and SCC will choose those suppliers having big scales and good reputations, adding that we will compare the price and check the quality on the spots we will try to purchase the materials with reasonable price and comparatively high quality.

Then, we will decide the areas in needs and actually deliver materials to the people affected from earthquake. And in the meanwhile, in the emergency relief, we will maintain a good record on people’s receiving materials, being responsible for the fund from both of domestic and oversea donors.

For the plan of post-disaster reconstruction, CCC is about to support a few small infrastructures (like drinking water projects and school building constructions, which will be discussed later), and with the coordination by SCC, to subsidize churches with medical service capabilities to carry out long term medical services in quake hit areas, including offering services in the local clinics and in visits. Further, we will consider organizing pastoral staffs to deliver psychological comforts in the future.

This is CCC’s latest plan for conducting earthquake relief work in Ya’an please pray for the people in quake hit areas and our relief work as well. We do appreciate your concern on the earthquake and people’s situation, hoping you would keep supporting us, thank you very much!

All the best,




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

CCC’s first batch of relief materials is preliminarily determined, the budget is as follows:









Moisture-proof pad








Milk powder




Rice cereal




















(The specification of tent is 3 m * 3 m; for the milk powder, we will buy respectively 100 bags for infants in 3 different stages, and another 300 bags for adults; for the other materials’ specification, we will take pictures in the warehouse)

Sichuan Christian Council helped us to contact Metro Supermarket as our supplier (only tents are supplied by other manufacturer). It is introduced that SCC has enquired some big wholesalers and supermarkets in Chengdu (Ya’an is short of materials now), Metro has enough materials and offers cheaper price, since it is globally famous company, the quality can be ensured. Then, we will hire carrier vehicles to transport relief materials to Ya’an.

We plan to divide relief materials into 2 parts: the bigger part will be distributed in one hit area in which there is a large demand on materials now, with local government’s help in organizing the people affected from earthquake to come and receive materials, CCC will motivate local church to distribute the relief materials; the smaller part will be handed to Ya’an Church and other churches doing relief work in Ya’an, they will visit quake hit areas in Ya’an so as to expand the coverage of relief work. In the meanwhile, the churches that conduct visits will learn more real demands in the hit areas and will also offer us clearer material demands for the second batch. In both of the material distributions, we will try every effort to ensure that the relief materials would be actually handed to people or households, and to make a good record on recipients in the meantime. It is expected to arrange 2 batches of relief materials, and then CCC will plan to participate in the post-disaster reconstruction.

We do appreciate your praying for the people affected from earthquake, and we are grateful to your concerning on our work, thank you very much!

All the best,