Christmas in Thailand

In Thailand, Christmas is not a public holiday as Christians make up less than 1% of the population.

People can be seen working on Christmas Day, however this doesn't mean that it isn't celebrated. As in the United States, the commercial aspects are popular. Thai children are familiar with Santa Claus and Christmas trees can be seen, especially in urban centers or tourist areas. Families go out to eat together and of course there are Christmas parties. The schools where I work and teach are private schools. Both of the schools hold a Christmas party and everyone in Udon Thani comes. In fact, the parties have gotten so big that this year it will be held at a nearby park. In addition, there is also a Christmas party for the teachers.  At these parties, everyone sings or dances. For the past two weeks, a Thai teacher and I have been teaching our third grade English class Joy to the World. For Christians in Thailand, Christmas celebrations are important and many attend church services.

Ben Ewert serves as a Long-term Volunteer with the Church of Christ in Thailand.  He is a teacher at Saja Pittaya School located in Bangkok.

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