CMEP Action Alert: Tell Obama to Say Settlements are Illegal

CMEP Action Alert: Tell Obama to Say Settlements are Illegal

Churches for Middle East Peace action alert on Israeli settlements

Click here and tell our president to speak honestly and forthrightly by stating that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law as laid out in the Fourth Geneva Convention, to which the U.S. is a signatory.

Join me today and call for President Obama to speak truth to power and call on our State Department to move beyond customary phrasing of identifying  settlements and settlement expansion as “unhelpful” or “illegitimate.” The recent U.S. State Department spokesperson’s articulation of the announcement as sending a “very troubling message” and is “contrary to Israeli’s stated goal of a two-state solution” is an inadequate public response by the State Department.

On August 31st Israel declared 4,000 dunams or nearly 1,000 acres of Palestinian land south-west of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank as Israeli State Land. This land seizure is for the purpose of establishing a new settlement around Gva’ot.

Join me and thousands of Christians across the U.S. in condemning the planned expansion of Israeli settlements in and land seizure of occupied Palestinian land. Settlements are significant obstructions to peace, and this unilateral decision influences and undermines a negotiated, just, and peaceful resolution of the current conflict.
Click here to join us in calling for U.S. leadership to speak truth to power so that we all may see Israelis and Palestinians living side-by-side within secure and recognized borders that give hope to the rights of all people to  live in peace and security, free of fears of harassment, oppression, and violence