CMEP Bulletin: Israeli Human Rights Leaders Under Attack

CMEP Bulletin: Israeli Human Rights Leaders Under Attack

Four Israelis who work for leading human rights organizations woke up to a new, frightening reality after a video accused each one of them of being a foreign agent working to defend Palestinian terrorists.

ADL: Video Attacking Israeli Human Rights Activists ‘Crosses Line Into Hate Speech’ [Haaretz]
U.S. Jewish organization labels video ‘outrageous’ and ‘potentially libelous,’ calls on nationalist group Im Tirtzu behind it to apologize for ‘unwarranted attack.’

Righty Im Tirtzu Faces Backlash Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Clip [Times of Israel]
NGO chief responds to incitement claims, saying ‘moles’ responsible for whatever happens to them.

Former Shin Bet Chief Defends ‘Breaking the Silence’ [Arutz Sheva 7]
Former Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) chief Yuval Diskin claims leftist groups like ‘Breaking the Silence’ are an “important part of any democracy.”

Why do so Many Israelis Hate Breaking the Silence? [+972]
The organization of former Israeli soldiers is coming under attack from every direction these days — from the Israel’s president to the defense minister to the police.

Bennett Bans Left Wing Veterans Group from Speaking in Schools [Times of Israel]
Barring Breaking the Silence, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett says ‘those who harm IDF soldiers do not have a place in education system.’

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