CMEP Bulletin: Peace out of reach?

CMEP Bulletin: Peace out of reach?

Herzog’s Bantustan Plan [Foundation for Middle East Peace]
Speaking at a national security conference in Tel Aviv last month, Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog announced a new plan to “separate” from the Palestinians. Declaring a two-state solution unachievable in the foreseeable future.

Why Does Israel’s Liberal Opposition Leader Say There’s No Prospect of a Peace Deal? [The Forward]
Herzog says possibility of a two-state solution someday; right now, there’s no prospect of a peace agreement, since neither side’s leaders are prepared for the necessary concessions. Israelis, Palestinians Secretly Discuss French Initiative [Al-Monitor]
Both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas seem to discuss the French initiative for an international conference, though Netanyahu, unchanged, is not really interested in advancing negotiations with the Palestinians.

No Unilateral Israeli Path to Two States [Brookings]
The composition and track record of the current Israeli government leads Palestinians to expect very little from Israel in the way of advancing peace.

How to Reverse Engineer Israeli-Palestinian Peace [Al-Monitor]
With Israelis and Palestinians dubious of the “peace process,” a new approach is needed to restore some hope in resolving their conflict.

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