CMEP Bulletin: Questioning Aid to Gaza

CMEP Bulletin: Questioning Aid to Gaza

World Vision: Israeli Charges Based on ‘Huge Gap’ in Numbers [ABC News]
The international charity World Vision said on Monday that Israel has accused the charity’s Gaza Strip director of funneling what appears to be an impossible sum of money to Hamas.

Everything We Don’t Know About the World Vision in Gaza Story [+972]
The story of a Gaza man indicted for diverting millions to Hamas from a major international charity for terror activities is roiling headlines in Israel. The incident is important both for how it is being portrayed, and used, and what it says about the actual situation.

Statement from Kevin Jenkins, President and Chief Executive Officer of World Vision International [World Vision]
As a professional Christian, humanitarian organization, we take our commitment to truth and transparency very seriously. World Vision’s cumulative operating budget in Gaza for the past ten years was approximately $22.5 million, which makes the alleged amount of up to $50 million being diverted hard to reconcile.

The Hamas Takeover of World Vision/Gaza [Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs]
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working in coordination with security representatives in order to convey to states around the world relevant information regarding the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Branch of World Vision, as well as to clarify the severity of this case.

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