CMEP Bulletin: Trump Administration Seeks to Use Aid to Palestinians as Leverage

CMEP_logo.jpgTrump Administration Seeks to Withhold Millions in Aid to Palestinians (Foreign Policy)

Secretary of State “Pompeo initially opposed the sweeping cuts, arguing that it would be better to redirect U.S. funding to other international relief efforts. But Kushner pushed back, maintaining that ending the assistance outright could strengthen his negotiating hand when he introduces his long-awaited Middle East peace plan.”

Tens of Thousands Protest Nation-State Law at Arab-led Rally in Tel Aviv (The Jerusalem Post)

Protesters flew both Palestinian and Israeli flags, and called for Israel to protect the rights of minorities within their country. While the majority of participants were Arab, Israeli Jews also joined in. These protests were met with sharp critique from some Israelis, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, who tweeted that “There is no greater testament to the necessity of this law [than the waving of Palestinian flags]. We will continue to wave the Israeli flag and sing Hatikva with great pride.”

Israeli-Palestinian Support for Two States at 20-Year Low, Poll Says (The Jerusalem Post)

“Only 49% of Israelis – both Jews and Arabs – and 43% of Palestinians support [a two state solution], according to a poll conducted at the end of June.” This is a radical shift from even less than a decade ago, when “in 2010, the percentages were much higher, at 71% and 57% respectively.”

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