CMEP Bulletin: What Does Peace Look Like?

Egypt, Jordan: Solution Other Than Two States Dangerous for Middle East [Ha’aretz]
Journalists at Ha’aretz report that during a meeting in Cairo on Tuesday Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi and Jordan's King Abdullah said that, “A solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict not based on a two-state solution will have dangerous consequences for the region. In a joint statement, the two leaders said that establishing a Palestinian state was a national and a pan-Arab interest and that any effort to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process must be based on the two-state solution, which they said was the only solution to the conflict.”

Taking Trump Literally and Seriously [Israel Policy Forum]
Israel Policy Forum’s Policy Director, Dr. Michael J. Koplow wrote, “It turns out that taking Trump literally was not as silly as his campaign surrogates suggested, and that his words do indeed provide a guide for where he will initially land on policy. Largely forgotten alongside his more famous comments about wanting to make the “ultimate deal” between Israelis and Palestinians is that early in his campaign, Trump actually laid out a precise roadmap for how he was going to approach Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

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