CMEP invitation to “take our message of peace home to Congress!”

CMEP invitation to “take our message of peace home to Congress!”

CMEP is seeking individuals who would like to act on their passion for peacemaking by organizing or attending a local meeting with your own Representative or Senators.

District/Local meeting organizers will: 1) coordinate other volunteers interested in participating in the meeting, 2) help to schedule the meeting(s) with their elected officials (CMEP staff and GAP Coordinators, where present, will also help with this.) and 3) provide post meeting information and feedback to CMEP. 

During these meetings, CMEP supporters will articulate the great need for bi-partisan support for the vigorous U.S. diplomatic engagement necessary to achieve peace in the Holy Land. These meetings are valuable opportunities to work with others in your own State and Congressional District to ensure that your Senators and Representative hear the voices of pro-peace U.S. Christians like you.

Last year your efforts were instrumental in making 30 spring local meetings happen.  This year our goal is 50 meetings that will literally bring home our concern for peace in the Holy Land and the people of the region.

CMEP will provide resources, guidance and support to hold productive meetings and effectively engage senators and representatives. In addition to online materials that are now available CMEP will have a telephone briefing/Q&A on Tuesday, March 23 at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 PM Central, 7:00 PM Mountain, 6:00 PM Pacific.

If you would like to organize a district meeting in your area or have questions, please contact Doris Warrell, Field Director, Churches for Middle East Peace, at or 202 543-1222.