CMEP’s 1835 Advocacy Summit is in Just One Month – Register Today!!

CMEP’s 1835 Advocacy Summit is in Just One Month – Register Today!!

CMEP_logo.jpgIn just one month, CMEP 1835 will gather to learn to effectively frame our personal stories and recognize the power of our voices in advocacy work related to the Middle East!

Register Today to Attend Reclaiming Our Voices: Re-framing the Narrative for Shared Justice in Israel and Palestine!

Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.
March 9-11

Our first two days will honor leading voices within the advocacy movement regarding Israel and Palestine. Utilizing the power of effective storytelling, we will learn to enhance our voices for advocacy meetings on Capitol Hill on March 11.

Workshops will teach us how to effectively frame our stories and use them to engage in constructive dialogue to embrace the multi-perspective, diverse narratives of our generation to engage in effective advocacy.

  • Remind one another that we are not alone as we affirm one another’s passion for advocacy regarding the pressing human rights issues in Israel and Palestine.

  • Engage in education on two fronts: addressing current developments within the Middle East and our available tools for advocacy, engagement, and dialogue.

  • Identify and address the obstacles we as young people face as we engage in peace-building, particularly multi-narrative peace-building. Equip one another with effective resources to bring our advocacy work back to our spheres of influence within our schools, vocations, and social gatherings. 

You won’t want to miss this opportunity! In a time of political division, we are excited to unite our shared stories as a way to reclaim our voices and continue our movement toward developing holistic peacebuilding and addressing key humanitarian needs and human rights issues within Israel, Palestine, and the greater Middle East.

Register Today!!

*CMEP1835 is an extension of Churches for Middle East Peace. It seeks to engage young people, ages 18-35, in education and advocacy around Israel/Palestine, as well as the broader Middle East.