College Extends Christmas Greetings to Our Many Friends

College Extends Christmas Greetings to Our Many Friends

James & Jayanthi Wilson – Botswana

Kagiso Mo Lefatsheng or Peace on Earth to you, our international friends at this special time, in preparation for the coming of Christmas.

Although we have many hopes and dreams as a theological college by extension, we feel called to remember the words found in Ecclesiastes 3:1, i.e. “Everything on earth has its own time and its own season.” That, of course, is not fatalistic. Rather, it the surety that God, through the coming of Jesus, will eventually make things right. We thank God for that.

Short Courses Offered in 2007

Short courses are a very important part of the Kgolagano experience. They are open to all people; students, ex-students, pastors, the curious and…..

Short courses offered in 2007 include: Lenten & Easter Preaching Seminar; Bible Basics; Introduction to World Religions; Governance; Leadership in Society and Church; Small Groups; Parables of Jesus; Big Issues.

The tutors at Kgolagano are also called to conduct seminars at area churches as needed.

Rev. Rupert Hambira (PRINCIPAL)
Dr. Rev. Bjorn Nygaard (Deputy Principal)
Rev. Jim Wilson (Tutor in Practical Theology, editor of newsletter, IT specialist)
Rev. Steen Sovndahl (Tutor in Biblical Studies and music)
Rev. Malebogo Mothibi (Acting-Registrar and tutor in Pastoral Counseling)
Rev. Moses Bogatsu (Tutor in Systematic Theology & Coordinator of Prison Ministries)


Staff and students of the college undertook a field trip to Pietermartizburg & Durban South Africa from Oct. 3-7, 2006. During their time there they visited an orphanage, had a Bible study with noted theologian Gerald West, learned about the struggle to raise awareness of HIV & AIDS within the context of churches in South Africa; had the opportunity of listening to many wonderful messages from area preachers.

Revising the Syllabus Continues

Work continues with our efforts to be an accredited post-secondary institution with the Tertiary Council of Botswana (the government has recently passed a law requiring all such schools in the country to do so). A consultant has been hired and we are moving full-steam ahead. We are hoping to complete the process by the middle part of 2007.

We are also hoping to begin offering to block and modular courses throughout the country. Thus, tutors are busily re-evaluating current course offerings as well as what might be offered in the future.

Prayer Needs of the College

Our College library has gone from one to having three current journal subscriptions since September of this year. What a blessing! We would like to add new titles to our collection.

We are also hoping to also add books particularly in the areas of Children’s Ministries, Pastoral Counseling and Theology.

We also continue to hope to find someone who will take over the responsibilities of Registrar at the College.

Purpose of College

Kgolagano College began in 1975 as the first theological college in Botswana. Its purpose then and now is to educate both men and women to be effective pastors, priests and lay leaders in their respective churches.

God bless,
Jim & Jayanthi Wilson
James & Jayanthi Wilson are missionaries with the Kgolagano Theological College in Gaborone, Botswana. Jim serves as a teacher of theology at Kgolagana Theological College. Jayanthi serves as seconded staff to the Mabogo Dinku Advice Centre in Gaborone, Botswana. She works in community development at the Mabogo Dinku Advice Centre.