Communion in Hungary

Communion in Hungary

Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival communion service

This summer the Reformed Church in Hungary held a week-long youth festival in the small town of Mezőtúr, Hungary. Starpoint, as the festival is known, is put on every other year with a different theme and venue each year. This year nearly 4,000 young people came together and discussed the theme of Identity with the message: Be who you are.

On the last day, everyone gathered at the main stage for a closing service and communion. It’s quite a sight to see 4,000 young people come together around the Lord’s Table. The week was focused on finding yourself and what it means to have a Christian identity, yet as people approached the table, it was no longer about individuals but about community.

The area in front of the main stage was soon full of participants reflectively waiting to be served. It was a moment that truly showed that while we are all unique in our Christian identities, we are all one at the table of the Lord, and despite our individual shortcomings, all are welcome through Christ’s sacrifice and the grace of God.

Amy Lester
Global Mission Intern
Reformed Church in Hungary