Communion in Thailand

Michal Dobson - Thailand

Communion here in Thailand varies depending on the church.  The city churches continue to try different approaches.  Bread and grape drink (watered down) are served.  One pastor is passing both elements at once and then taking them together.  The small, traditional plastic cups are used, like in the States, the bread is cut in about inch-sized pieces.  The village churches may use a sweeter, cheaper, purple juice base but will also use traditional bread.  Years ago I recall rice cakes being used when bread were not yet available.  Where I worship the elements are covered with a lovely white lace cloth until they are served.  The pastor breaks the bread using pita bread.

Michal Dobson

Michal Dobson is a missionary with the Church of Christ in Thailand, assigned to the Chiang Mai International School.  She serves as an elementary teacher and also assists in the development of curriculum.
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