Communion Liturgy for International Association of Women Ministers, Matanzas Seminary, Cuba

God of our grandmothers and mothers---
Of Eve and Sarah and Hagar,
Miriam and Hanna, Shiphah and Puah,
Judith and the Syrophoneican woman,
Mary and Martha, Mary of Magdala
And Mother Mary.

We come to your open and expanding table
in this season of ripe papayas
and leave taking to celebrate the life
You have given us---
to remember your sacrifice.

You call us to cry out and lament
but also to sing and dance
to put on our aprons and serve You,
to sit down and be served.

Jesus, we come to this table
broken and beautiful
just as we are----
young and older.
We come to drink from the cup of blessing
to eat from the bread of life. 

Spirit of the living God
bless this bread
so that it may nourish us
to be your hands and feet.
Bless this wine
so that it may fill us
with your compassion. 

Words of Institution

The table is set.
All is prepared.
Come as you are.
All are welcome to the banquet of life. 

God of today and tomorrow
we live between memory and hope
for your kin-dom come
on earth as it is in heaven.
We go forth now
full and ready
to do your work
in faith and love.