Contact Congress Today: Tell them to stand for peace in Israel/Palestine

Contact Congress Today: Tell them to stand for peace in Israel/Palestine

CMEP_logo.jpgThe Trump Administration’s “Peace to Prosperity” proposal, released in late January, is nothing more than a recipe for continued oppression and injustice. Instead of bringing peace, this proposal moves us further away from a future in which Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace and security with full equality for all. 

Let your members of Congress know they must stand up for peace!

Recently, the UCC and Disciples leadership issued a statement opposing the proposal, and 20 Christian organizations sent a letter to Congress outlining their opposition to the Trump Proposal. In the letter, the writers ask Congress to commit to robust funding for bilateral assistance to the West Bank and Gaza and UNRWA. By providing such assistance, Congress can send a powerful message, that despite the Administration’s Proposal, the United States supports the rights of Palestinians to live peaceful and healthy lives. Additionally, the letter asks Congress to take decisive action to oppose Israeli annexation and military control over occupied Palestinian lands and end the blockade and control of the Gaza Strip. 

Ask your Representative to support this important letter.

Churches for Middle East Peace believes that the path to peace can be achieved when diligently and authentically pursued. If the U.S. truly wants to work as a fair partner for peace, Congress must act to ensure mechanisms of support for both Palestinians and Israelis alike.