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The Church of North India was formed in 1972 by the union of six Protestant denominations committed to actions of restoring the integrity of God’s creation through breaking down barriers of caste, class, gender, economic inequality, and the exploitation of nature. Currently, the Diocese of Durgapur, a district of the Church of North India is involved in a number of ministries that care for all ages and members of the community. These ministries include a thriving medical hospital and eye clinic, a nurse training program, an anti-human trafficking program, homes for children at-risk of being trafficked, gardening projects, emergency relief programs, and income-generating projects.

Anti-Human Trafficking Program
22730400_1576462482432688_384493982526230383_n_1_.jpgThe Diocese of Durgapur began their Anti-Human Trafficking (AHT) ministries in 2006 with the creation of a program for vulnerable children. Women from Diocese were compelled to open a program to offer a safe space and new opportunities for self-expression to children who are at-risk of being trafficked. Today, this program continues to grow and the Diocese runs six child development centers and four residential homes. Each center provides an impressive range of opportunities including formal education, kitchen gardening, string instrument lessons, nutritional meals, medical check-ups, sports, sewing lessons, and more.

There are more than 350 children who attend programs at one of the children centers of the Anti-Human Trafficking Program, and many others who are in the target areas awaiting admission into one of their residential homes. The Diocese of Durgapur raises funds for their Anti-Human Trafficking programs through local and international relationships. Additionally, the Diocese sells handicrafts such as handmade cards, to raise funds for school fees, school uniforms, books, and meals. The Diocese is raising funds to continue their services and to open additional centers in different areas of Durgapur.

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