Disciples in Kinshasa, Congo Send Gift to Michigan Disciples

Disciples in Kinshasa, Congo Send Gift to Michigan Disciples

After several Disciples congregations where damaged this past winter the Disciples in Kinshasa took a love offering and sent a check of $500 to Global Ministries for the Michigan congregation most affected by the damage.

In a display of solidarity and compassion, Disciples in Kinshasa sent a love offering of $500 to Global Ministries designated for Disciples in Michigan Region who experienced difficulties this past winter. This incredible sacrifice is an example of what mutual partnership in global mission is all about in the 21st century. The following correspondence fills in some of the details: 

Dear Dr Jon Lacey, 

On behaf of Rév. EALE who is now on vacation and that of the entire Region of Kinshasa. I send you calvary greetings. Sunday august 3, was dedicated as parternship in our region. It was a time whereby all congregations at Kinshasa lifted up to  God the entire Michigan region as well as the prayer requests you sent to Rév EALE. We took opportunity to explain to our congregation the meaning and the reasons for our partenship with Michigan. A love offerting was collected from all congregation to show our sympathy to what happened to most of your churches during the last winter. An amount of US$ 500 (five hundred dollars) was collected and sent to you via Global Ministries to assist the most affected cogregation. We know that this may appear mothing but we believe it shows our compassion brother and sisters in Michigan. 

God bless you. 


Kinshasa Regional Minister ad interim

Dear Dr Bekofe, 

It is with much delight that I read your letter addressed to Dr Jon Lacey, Regional Minister of Michigan, regarding the  very generous donation of $500 to the Michigan Region.  My heart is filled with joy. The months of January and February were especially difficult for churches in Michigan where some churches were even closed for weeks. The response of churches in Kinshasa to their sisters and brothers in Michigan is very humbling.  This gift is equivalent to thousands of dollars.  Not only is it the money, but it is also the love, the compassion, the sense of caring and being a critical presence for us at the point of our deepest need.  One cannot place a monetary value on that.  We are grateful for this very kind gesture. I am sharing this news with many others here so that the story can be told.  In the midst of your own difficulties – the military conflict in East Congo, the economy, your neglected health care and educational systems, the exploitation of your natural resources and the many other problems facing the country, you showed your love for brothers and sisters in Michigan.  Global Ministries has received the money and the Africa Office will forward it to Michigan immediately.  Please convey our sincere thanks to the entire post of Kinshasa. 

Yours in Christ,

Sandra R. Gourdet

Africa area executive for Global Ministries