Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries 2018 Summer Intern Program

Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries 2018 Summer Intern Program

The Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries is offering another unique experience for Disciples seminarians to be engaged in a ministry of Critical Presence – timely and appropriately meeting God’s people and creation at the point of deepest need – spiritually, physically, emotionally, or economically. DOM/Global Ministries supports two internships for Disciples seminarians each summer. The seminarians will have an opportunity to engage with a variety of programs within Global Ministries including potential work with the Africa and Latin America partnerships, mission personnel, and communications.

The dates of the internships are June 4 through August 10, 2018.  The intern must be a candidate for ordained ministry in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and must have completed two years of full-time study.  The Division of Overseas Ministries/Global Ministries will provide each intern with a weekly stipend, and as applicable, round-trip transportation, and housing.  In addition, all expenses related to a pilgrimage to visit one of Global Ministries’ overseas partners at the end of the internship will be provided.

This program is an on-going response to the current imperatives of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  It is an opportunity for seminarians to work in an area of global mission and to visit with overseas church partners and agencies.  The objective of this program is to help nurture and develop leaders who have a commitment to God’s mission in the world and a passion for justice.

Applications must be completed and returned by March 31, 2018

The address is PO Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN 46206 or cnichols@dom.disciples.org